Moottori- ja ultralentoon sekä lennokkitoimintaan keskittynyt ilmailuyhdistys Forssassa - FSIY

Aviation Club in southwestern Häme, Forssa, Finland

Aerial view of Forssa air filed (EFFO)

Forssa Region Aviation Club has been established in 1960 and is based on Forssa air field (EFFO). Our principle idea is to offer flying experience locally with reasonable costs. We are a club of about 30 members. Our club has ultra-light Ikarus C42 B. One third of the members are focused on model air planes.

Pilot, note that there might be active RC model airplane flying at EFFO, therefore obligatory aerodrome traffic circuit is always needed before landing, as well announcement via aviation radio at frequency of 123.150 MHz. Please, check valid NOTAMs from here and download EFFO landing chart from here.

Please, don't hesitate to contact us via following link: Contact form